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While we compile a list of blog posts and write reviews of a lot of helpful family items and places we've visited or lodged at, please enjoy the list below of links to some of them in the meantime.

(Note: As a means of paying for this website and it's associated fees, as well as compensation for our time, we may sometimes generate a little income through affiliate links.)

Bedding and Sleep

  1. Portable Travel Bunk Bed System (or two single beds)

Babies & Children

  • Car Seats & Car Seat Bags
  • Child Travel Tables & Chairs
  • Strollers
  • Slings & Baby Carriers

Meal Time & Food

Cars & Full-size Vans

Backpacks, Bags & Luggages

Electronic Devices & Aids

Cameras & Photography Equipment

  1. Our old entry level Nikon DSLR digital camera (body and kit lens)
  2. Our favorite SD card
  3. Camera Lens Cleaning Brush and System (tiny & lightweight)
  4. Helpful to blow dust off your camera lenses (made of rubber)
  5. The Fujifilm X Pro-1 CMOS Camera Body, uur current professional digital camera body (great value for us)
  6. The current Fujifilm X-series digital camera that would probably be a good replacement to ours if you like this system
  7. Our favorite Fujifilm X-series lens (great bokeh)
  8. Our Fujifilm X-series wide-angle lens
  9. Our Fujifilm X-series macro lens
  10. A Sony full frame mirrorless digital camera and video recorder we may invest in (for lowlight capabilities and videography)
  11. A professional full-frame Canon DSLR camera we've rented
  12. Canon SLR film camera we own (35mm)
  13. Minolta SLR film camera we own
  14. 35mm film - Kodak Portra Professional
  15. 35mm film - Kodak Ektar Professional
  16. 35mm film - Fujifilm Superia

Hotels & Lodging


  1. Delta Air Lines
  2. Japan Airlines
  3. Southwest Airlines
  4. Northwest Airlines (former) & Continental Airlines (former)