New Name, New Website

New Name

We're thrilled to announce our new publishing company, Wholesome Press. Wholesome Press was officially formed on June 24, 2015 under the parent company, Tomokane White LLC.

Old Name

Initially, we planned on naming our publishing company Wholesome Family Media, but, as we considered branding, simplicity, and marketability, Wholesome Press seemed much better.

Old Website - our original website. - our original website.

Our old website was nice enough, but wasn't very clear (or pretty). That platform is easy enough to work with, but it's pretty challenging making websites look attractive.

The platform for our new website is Squarespace. It's so easy to create a beautiful, clear website with Squarespace. Plus, their mobile apps are great!

New Books

With the launch of our new website and company, we're also thrilled to anounce that our first two titles are at the printer now and will be available in our store as well as other retailers.